Beyond the Business: The Nerium Family

By October 11, 2018BP Profiles

The Nerium Family. We talk about it a lot. “Join the Nerium Family!” New Brand Partners might think that’s just a catchy phrase used to make them feel welcome, but they have no idea what’s in store for them. The Nerium Family means different things to different people, but one thing is clear: The Brand Partners who comprise the Nerium Family are much more than just colleagues.

Jenn Givens, a 5-Star National Marketing Director who lives in Fisherville, KY, didn’t expect to form such strong bonds when she joined Nerium, but says it’s the greatest gift in the world.

“It was just something that was inevitable because you talk about things as deep as people’s why – which is something you don’t necessarily talk about with your friends outside of Nerium,” she said. “You learn a lot about their vulnerabilities and their deepest wishes, so the friendships are a lot deeper from the very beginning.”

Those deep connections were something that brought Kimberly Schmidtke, a 3-Star National Marketing Director in Sammamish, WA, a lot of comfort when her son Tucker died this year at the age of 25. It’s why she decided to go to Get Real Las Vegas just a month after she endured such a painful loss.

“It’s been one of the hardest times of my life, but the outpouring of love from the Nerium family and just knowing that Nerium really is a family is beyond anything I could ever imagine,” she said. “I did go to convention a month after he’d passed away … and it was really comforting to be with all of my friends and to experience all the love and support”

Nerium Brand Partners Evelyn Lek (from left), Yeanmay Teng and Hazel Chu stop on the way to Get Real Las Vegas for a picture. 


Another reason Kimberly wanted to go to Get Real was to connect to members of her team who traveled from around the world to be there – Brand Partners like Executive Director Evelyn Lek, who finally got to meet leaders she had previously only connected with online. Despite being thousands of miles away, her Nerium Family in San Diego always made time to virtually attend her Real Results Parties in Hong Kong and Singapore. She said they never missed one.

“Whenever I had questions or doubts about the business or products, they were always just a text away or a Zoom call away,” said Evelyn. “We meet for our ‘pajamas’ training every week and share our stories and challenges.”

When Evelyn started with Nerium – even though she lives in Hong Kong – her team members in San Diego were the only Brand Partners she knew. But that didn’t last long. She earned a trip to Dubai soon after joining the company and was overwhelmed by the new friends she made.

“I didn’t know anyone, but I didn’t feel lonely because everyone was so friendly and willing to help me out,” she said. “I had so many questions because I was still a baby Brand Partner and everyone shared their experiences with me. I had so much fun.”

Speaking of fun, Kimberly knows one thing about the Nerium Family: “If you want to have an extra couple thousand friends in your life, join Nerium.”

Evelyn said that true friendship and support is something she was missing from her previous role in marketing. She said that even though she liked her former colleagues, they were always competing to advance; unlike at Nerium, where everyone has the chance to excel. Instead of competing, you’re encouraging others to succeed.
Jenn is also thankful to be working with a group of people with a positive mindset. She joined Nerium after working as a nurse, and said she didn’t even recognize how negative her workplace was until she spent more time with her Nerium Family.

“People were always complaining about the problems, but they weren’t really interested in the solution. Or they didn’t feel like they had the power to have a solution,” she said. “I think in Nerium, people are more focused on solutions and they realize that they do have a lot of power and control over what their outcomes are.”

Jenn said that shift in mindset has had a huge influence on her children.

“They think positively about themselves,” she said. “And they practice visualization. When they’re nervous about something, we visualize it so they see it going the way they want it to go to make them less anxious.”

She said that mindset is reinforced by children of other Nerium families, as well.

“The kids all know each other and hang out with each other,” she said. “The kids look forward to seeing each other and they all know what affirmations are. They all know what dream boards are. That’s not common amongst their friends outside of Nerium. So that’s a really cool thing, too, because you get to surround them with other children who are being raised the same way.”

Like Kimberly, Jenn was blown away by the support from her Nerium Family when she had a hard time with her son over the last year. She even had fellow Brand Partners offer to help her with her business – something she said you don’t see too often.

“It really just makes you believe in humans again,” she said. “That people are inherently good. Inherently good if they are given the opportunity.”

“I love Nerium. I love what it stands for,” she said. “You can do very well financially, but the people that you meet and the journey that it takes you on are really what it’s all about. Just being able to touch so many lives and make a difference in other people’s lives. Making people better. It’s so worth the journey.”

Nerium International does not guarantee any level of income for any Brand Partner. The actual income of Nerium Brand Partners varies depending on each Brand Partner’s skill, effort and time commitment.