It’s time to start celebrating #HappyActs

The International Day of Happiness might not be until March 20, but Live Happy wants to make the world a happier place for the whole month of March! Pick and choose your favorites, or make a commitment to complete every Happy Act – the choice is yours!

This week’s #Happy Acts

Thursday: Shake Your Booty

Grab a couple of friends and boogie or strike a pose on your own

Friday: Thank Someone

Surely someone in your life is deserving of thanks. A family member? Your mail carrier? Your favorite coworker? Everyone likes to hear they’re appreciated, so make someone’s day!

Saturday: Treat Yo’ Self

Be a little selfish today. Get dessert. Go to the spa. Play a round on your favorite golf course. Or, go bigger and plan a vacation! Whatever you want. It’s your day.

Sunday: Forgive Someone

We know this one is easier said than done. Make an effort to rid yourself of some negativity and we guarantee you and the person you forgive will both feel better.

Did you know that free stuff can make you happy? We’re giving you a free 31 Ideas for #HappyActs Calendar, Digital Wall Kit and a Printable Happiness Wall! Download them today to begin celebrating the International Day of Happiness in March at