This week’s #HappyActs: Celebrate the big day with a Happiness Wall!

The International Day of Happiness is this week, so have fun celebrating! Make the month of happiness last by sharing Happy Acts all month long! Choose your favorites, or make a commitment to complete every Happy Act – the choice is yours!

This week’s #HappyActs

Monday: Make Someone Laugh

Everyone has someone that thinks they’re funny. Make their day!

Tuesday: Celebrate the International Day of Happiness

Thank you to everyone who contributed to a record number of Happiness Walls! Our last count was 675. What a happy world!

Wednesday: Forgive Someone

This is a chance at double happiness, because this will brighten your day and the day of the person you forgive.

Thursday: Call or Spend Time with a Family Member

Strong family ties have been proven to increase life expectancy, so here’s to your health!

Friday: Hang Out with your Pet

Make this an extra-special day. Buy your pet a special treat or toy, or maybe take an extra-long walk!

Saturday: Support Local

Try out a new restaurant, or visit a local trade fair and check out the artisan offerings.

Sunday: Write Your Partner a List of Things You Love About Them

Does their laugh make you smile? Are they good in the kitchen? Do they have good handwriting? Whether big or small, everyone loves knowing they’re appreciated.

Did you know that free stuff can make you happy? We’re giving you a free 31 Ideas for #HappyActs Calendar, Digital Wall Kit and a Printable Happiness Wall! Download them today to begin celebrating the International Day of Happiness in March at