This week’s #HappyActs: Hugs, heroes and hope

It’s the last week of Happiness Month, but we hope you have been inspired to continue practicing Happy Acts all year long!

This week’s #Happy Acts

Monday: Tag Your Happiness Hero
A teacher who inspired you. A parent who uplifts you. A friend who has kept a positive attitude through the toughest of times. If someone makes you happy, let them know it!

Tuesday: Hug it Out
Everyone needs a hug sometimes. So give someone (preferably not a stranger) a hug to show you care!

Wednesday: Paint Positivity on a Stone
Unleash your inner artist and paint a stone with an image that evokes happiness. Keep it on your desk, share it with a friend or put it in your garden for a reminder to stay positive.

Thursday: Donate Used Books
Schools are often looking for fresh reading material and some libraries will take donations. Do a good deed and clear some clutter at the same time!

Friday: Exercise Empathy
Do you ever catch yourself annoyed and starting a sentence with “Why can’t they just …”? Today, take a second to REALLY consider that why.

Saturday: Write a Hope Letter
Try out a new restaurant, or visit a local trade fair and check out the artisan offerings.

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